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When Your Garage Door Acts Up, Fix It Yourself or Call the Experts?

So your garage door is making strange noises, opening slower than usual, or won’t close all the way. As a garage door repair company serving Williamsburg and the surrounding areas, we often get calls from homeowners wondering if a garage door issue is something they can tackle themselves or if it’s better to contact the professionals. In this blog post, we’ll help you determine when DIY adjustments may do the trick and when it’s safer and more reliable to call us.

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The Basics: Tension Springs, Rollers, And Sensors

Most basic garage door problems stem from issues with three main components – the torsion or tension springs, rollers, and safety sensors. Tension springs help lift and balance the door. Over time, they can lose tension causing doors to drift open or closed. Roller brackets hold the door tracks in place and rollers help the door glide smoothly along the tracks. Dirty, worn, or misaligned rollers make the door move unevenly or loudly. 

Safety sensors are infrared beams at the bottom of the doorway that stop and reverse the door if something crosses their path while closing. Loose connections or damaged sensors can cause the door not to respond normally.

For minor tension spring or roller issues like squeaks or doors not running as smoothly, DIY lubrication and adjustments may be sufficient. But any spring or sensor concerns should always be left to professionals. Springs store a tremendous amount of energy and can cause serious injuries if they slip or break under an amateur’s touch. It’s never worth the risk when an expert can have everything running safely again in no time.

When DIY Is An Option

If your garage door in Williamsburg is acting up, but not in a concerning way, here are some issues where tackling it yourself may be a good first step:

  • Lubricating rollers, bearings, hinges, and tracks to reduce noise and improve movement. Apply a dry silicone lubricant spray.
  • Adjusting brace/limit screws if the door won’t stay fully open or closed. These control the height limits.
  • Realigning or replacing worn rollers if they cause bumpy movement along the tracks. Use matching roller sizes.
  • Reconnecting or resetting safety sensors if the light beam is detached or misaligned. Don’t force sensors tight.
  • Inspecting and replacing broken cable drums, pulleys, or sheaves with exact replacements. Don’t alter cable lengths.

Always check for loose hardware, bolts, or brackets that could affect performance too. With patience and the right tools, you may save yourself a service call. Just be sure doors still operate smoothly without issues like binding or obstructions before calling it fixed.

When To Call The Professionals

While minor tweaks are reasonable for homeowners to try on their own garage door in Williamsburg, it’s always best to contact Integrity Garage Door Repair or another licensed pro for:

  • Tension spring or cable replacement – Springs are under extreme tension and can cause injury. Safer to let pros handle.
  • Significant roller or track misalignments pulling the door out of level. May require door panel removal for proper access.
  • Repeated safety sensor issues after checking for alignment or debris obstructions. Internal wiring checks are recommended.
  • Doors binding, sticking, or feeling off-balance. May be an actual problem rather than simple adjustment.
  • Cracked, rusted, or damaged tracks, rollers, pulleys, hinges or other structural components. Needs full inspection or even door replacement.
  • Strange noises that worsen over time rather than improve with lube. Could signal deeper underlying issues developing.
  • Older doors 10+ years that have shown signs of wear. Parts may need pro evaluation and preemptive updating.
  • Any garage door that doesn’t feel smooth, safe and secure after DIY attempts. Better left to the professionals at that point.

Knowing the limitations of your abilities and when to fold is just as important as knowing basic garage door systems. We’re always here to help assess your specific needs and get your door back in proper running order whether you call us first or after exploring DIY fixes. The most crucial thing is safety – for that reason alone, it usually pays to consult the experts.

We hope this overview was helpful for homeowners in Williamsburg weighing DIY fixes versus calling in the experts. Please don’t hesitate to contact Integrity Garage Door Repair if you have any other questions or need a repair, adjustment or new installation done professionally. Our #1 priority is your safety and satisfaction.


Most garage door experts recommend a basic annual tune-up to maximize performance and safety. This includes inspections of all systems, lubrication, part assessment to catch issues before they worsen or failures occur, and safety checks. Doors seeing heavy daily use may need servicing every 6 months.

Major signs include dents, bends or cracks in panels; snapping cables; worn rollers, bearings or hinges; a door that’s off-center or won’t seal properly at edges; or one that’s just showing its age with lots of squeaks and required adjustments. But many parts like springs have service lives too – so if a door is 15+ years old, replacing versus constantly repairing makes good financial sense. Our technicians can assess specific needs.